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Criminals by Profession or Habitual Offenders

The organization leaves no stone unturned to ensure that these criminals do not continue in the world of crime after their release from custody. This involves the humungous task of their post-prison psychological grooming, training, and arranging for the livelihood in order to enable them to lead a decent life in society.


VARHAD believe that every individual irrespective of class, caste, age or sex must get ‘a free and fair trial’ which is also a constitutional right and a privilege for any citizen living in a democracy and also imperative for the smooth functioning of the country’s Criminal Justice System (CJS). Thus, providing free legal aid to the prisoners and their affected families is one of the primary areas in which VARHAD works effectively.

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  • VARHAD, in consultation with and involvement of the prisoner’s relatives, offers free legal aid, speedy trials and guidance to the most deserving under-trial and convicted prisoners to avoid their psychological break down.
  • In one of its milestone achievements, VARHAD has formed a network of quality advocates across eastern Maharashtra (consisting 11 districts), who is sensitive and interested in representing poor prisoners. The advocates associated with VARHAD provide their services to poor prisoners (referred by the organisation) and charge minimum compensation (only to cover expenses) from VARHAD.
  • The client, who in this case is the prisoner, doesn’t pay anything to the advocates. This network extends through the lowest courts to High courts. VARHAD provides legal aid to hundreds of under-trial cases as well as convicted prisoners yearly, who are not in a position to pay for appeal in the High Court.

Our current projects


There is no clash of opinion that education of a child is an indispensible component of a healthy childhood and imprisonment of an individual has a rippling negative outcome on his/her children even if they are NOT in prison with them.
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Krantijyoti: Kindling Hope Among Women

Our project Krantijyoti works for the women empowerment by providing various types of training for the women from marginalized background. Other than vocational training program.
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Cultural & Sports Activities in Prisons

All human beings need entertainment for their psychological development and wellbeing especially if they are in any stressful situation like in jails.
To make the prison’s environment peaceful and humane.
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Library and Study Centre for Youths

For the youths preparing for various competitive exams such as UPSC, MPSC, Banking, Railways, SSC, and SSB etc. VARHAD provides library facility free of cost.
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